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stories fromThe Dozer Boys

exciting new animation series    soon to be seen worldwide!
After watching his dad work heavy construction as well as helping him do home projects, Tommy decides that he can build things too. So he gathers his two best friends, Matt and Justin, and they start their own construction business, calling themselves The DOZER BOYS. Together they learn life's lessons, learn how to work together, and learn about caring, friendship and responsibility, all while fixing up their neighborhood, creating adventures and building all sorts of cool things for family, friends and local towns people.

In each episode the DOZER BOYS work together to overcome various challenges all while learning something new about themselves, the neighborhood and the earth. Stories from the Dozer Boys© is a family friendly animated children’s show, aimed at the 5-7 age demographic.

The DOZER BOYS were created by Ernest Autumn Van Den Heuvel, with episodes written by Ernest Autumn Van Den Heuvel and Maurice W.

U.S. Excavator dozer school

big boys   bigger toys
For those that love action based reality shows U.S. Excavator is a show that follows Ernie VanDenHeuvel and his associates as they live the drama that comes with being a professional excavator.

The show has interesting and entertaining characters, they venture out on real jobs and deal with various earth moving issues. Aside from being just good, interesting entertainment, its also another way to bring construction to the forefront for all ages.

U.S. Excavator, now you can watch the earth really move!

Earth Knights where legends begin

a unique original adventure from electra city comics
When Scientist and adventurer JONA STEWART is approached by a mysterious being with claims of a medieval past and an ability to transcend time, he is given knowledge and resources to build a lair in the mountains of Rockland, New York. Together with this being, known only as BLUEPRINT, a team of modern day knights are gathered and granted gifts based on elements of heavy machinery vehicles. These Earth Knights then become the planets only resource of protection against ecological and world altering threats.

When the Earth is in danger, it's always a job for the EARTH KNIGHTS.

EARTH KNIGHTS is being written as a graphic novel, comic book and animated series as well as a Live action film by Ernest Autumn Van Den Heuvel and Maurice W.

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Live action tv ZAPPED by a Dream

A real Reality Show ZAPPED by a Dream.The Series.

an a original Multi-faceted creative reality series from EGR Film Productions

Everyone has a dream....But not everyone puts 50 thousand kilovolts of electricity behind it!
Meet Ernie and the crew at their creative factory of IDEA'S in northern new jersey.
See how they dream up,write up, draw up and computer UP new Toy idea's,made in USA inventions, TV shows, films and musical compositions all under one roof.
Try to keep up and follow ernie through one wild work week after another... Check out the antics of true creative professionals in their own wild way. You may never be the same! Get ready, buckle UP, be creative!

EVERGREENRIVER Film Productions Series ©