When you need to transfer sensitive information or confidential documents over the internet, you want to make sure they arrive without any glitches. Blue Cloud provides a secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution that guarantees safe, stable web-based file transfer for files of any size.
With Blue Cloud's MFT solution, you can rest assured your company is meeting the most demanding security requirements among your industry and business partners as well as the highest standards and compliance issues required by financial, healthcare, and government institutions. We offer a variety of packages for businesses of all sizes, from small offices with one or two users to enterprise-level corporations with hundreds of users across the country or around the world. As with all our internet solutions, we can create a customized interface for your company that aligns with your corporate brand.
Blue Cloud can design and implement a web-based MFT platform for:
  • Law firms – legal briefs, discovery documents, confidential legal documents sent for signature or review
  • National and international corporations – share information securely over the internet without the need for internal firewalls or spam blockers
  • Hospitals, healthcare facilities, physicians – patients' medical histories and files remain private
  • Accounting firms – tax returns, estate and trust documents, forensic account documents
  • Insurance agencies – large policy files, inspection reports, inter-office and inter-branch communications
  • Financial services firms -- brokerage houses, banks, financial planners can share and transmit sensitive financial information discreetly
  • Manufacturers – send proprietary product designs and specs globally, any time of day or night
  • Engineering and architectural firms – drawings, elevations, and reports that normally must be compressed for e-mail transmission are sent via the internet quickly
  • Advertising agencies, graphics studios, audio/video production houses – send large files in any format, easily and securely
  • Government agencies – municipal, state, federal business is handled with total privacy
Benefits of Blue Cloud's Managed File Transfer Application
It's fast and reliable. E-mails with big attachments can clog the internet pipeline or be bounced by the recipient's e-mail provider. Our managed file transfer platform is fast because it's web-based, it does not rely on your e-mail server to deliver those sensitive or large files, and files do not need to be compressed in order to be transferred. Delivery of your data is guaranteed.
It's convenient. Blue Cloud's MFT service bypasses the need for clunky FTP programs, or burning CDs and DVDs or saving files to a USB drive—and then having to send those by mail, delivery service, or courier. It's fast, real-time data transfer you can rely on every time—with a simple set up for users and a few key strokes to send files any time.
It's secure. Each file is digitally encrypted during upload and download to ensure the utmost security and protection against cybercrime. Each user has a unique password and unique online space with safeguards to keep files and documents absolutely private during and after transfer.
It's easy to use. Our MFT application does not require lengthy training sessions or IT specialists, nor does it require additional plug-ins or new hardware. There's nothing to maintain and it is simple to use.
Important Technical Specifications
Want to know more about how Blue Cloud's MFT solution can help your company send and receive sensitive data, large files, and confidential information safely and securely? Your IT department or information management professional can read all the technical specifications on data center and server security, IT specifications, backup measures, and product protections of our managed file transfer platform here.