A microsite is a miniature website within a website—a separate page or small cluster of pages from the main website with its own unique URL (website address) which is distinct from the home page. The microsite is linked to the organization's main website and is usually temporary, depending on its use.
Think of a microsite as a branded online billboard that complements your existing website. A microsite—whether static or interactive—can promote a product or service that is related to the home page but might be a temporary program, a special event, or product promotion. Once the special or the program is over the microsite is usually taken down. Microsites are excellent tools for search engine optimization and are excellent vehicles for search marketing and pay-per-click campaigns.
At Blue Cloud Development Company we understand that a well-designed and targeted microsite can increase your conversion rate and substantially build business with well-placed keyword usage and effective calls to action. We can build branded microsites to help your company or organization support a specific campaign or develop a particular area of your business.
Microsites are used by:
  • Non-profit organizations to call attention to a particular social action initiative or fundraising effort.
  • Museums or galleries to publicize a limited-run exhibit or artist event.
  • Manufacturers to provide users with information about a new product or specifications of a new design.
  • Companies to alert customers to recalls, warnings, and product complaints.
  • Retailers to promote a special in-store event, new merchandise, or a sale.