The major search engines—Google, Yahoo, and Bing—all offer some kind of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program which is a form on online advertising. These sponsored results are paid for by you based on the amount you are willing to pay (what you bid) for each of your chosen search terms. The more you bid, the higher up in the ad listings your message appears. These ads, which link to your website, promotional landing page, or microsite are separate from the organic search results that come up when people type in relevant search terms on the search engines.
The idea behind pay-per-click ads is to get conversions—whether than means turning a visitor into a customer, getting that person to download your white paper, or enticing him to fill out the contact form on your website for more information. Whatever measurable result you seek through your PPC campaign is how you should measure its success.
The key to a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign is to make sure you are not overspending on worthless clicks but rather, that you properly target your message and search terms to the right consumer at the right time. That's where Blue Cloud comes in.
How Blue Cloud Boosts Your PPC Results
Blue Cloud ensures that your PPC ad appears in the sponsored listings as frequently as possible when well-researched, targeted keywords and search terms are entered; this minimizes the incidence of paying for worthless clicks and maximizes the flow of quality traffic to your website. Of course, no one can control what internet users do or where they browse but we can position you best to avoid needless expenditures. The more they click, the more you pay so we make sure the search terms, bid amount, and search engines are all right for your business and your online advertising budget.
We will research your keywords and search terms, write a targeted, descriptive ad that will be accepted by the search engines, help you determine your pay-per-click bidding budget, and implement your program. Blue Cloud will also provide you with monthly reports on your PPC campaign's progress and help you tweak the message, search terms, or bidding amount as needed.
Blue Cloud's pay-per-click programs are ideal for generating buzz and website traffic for:
  • Campaign-based or issue-based web traffic—think short-term, finite promotion for a new product, service or cause. You can start a pay-per-click program easily and quickly, and adjust your copy as needed with relative ease.
  • Direct-response business—online stores that sell a specific product or service consider marketing it through pay-per-click. People who search online for what you sell are more likely to convert to customers once they get to your website than are casual browsers.
  • Niche terms and highly specific key phrases—while broader terms can end up costing you a lot of money without great ROI, very targeted terms could be less expensive and put your product or service in front of more online viewers. For instance, "garden tools" is broad and will cost you a lot of money but "ergonomic garden tools" might be more cost-effective (if that is indeed your niche) since it is more focused and less generic.
  • A/B testing of advertising messages, sales promotions—We can devise an A/B testing campaign for your company to test different advertising messages, search terms, or online offers against each other, and measure the distinct results of each ad by number of click-throughs.