Knights Keep Slot Review: RTP 96.01% (WMS)

You must be looking for the Knights Keep slot review. This game is a slot machine from WMS that is far more unusual than its Medieval-inspired design suggests. However, once you see how it’s set up, it’ll become clear, so keep reading to learn more.

Summary of Knights Keep Slot Review

Knights Keep Slot Review
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In terms of gameplay, Knight’s Keep will provide you with a six-reel setup with two to seven symbols on each, as well as 192 active lines. The developer has set a limit of $250,000 for the game, though it has the potential to offer more. Otherwise, you’ll get a slot machine with wild symbols, scatters, and free spins, just like any other game.

1. Bet and Prizes

Every round, 40 coins are used in your bets, and you receive 192 lines in return. The total bet changes, but the part that changes is the coin value, which ranges from $0.01 to $5 for a total bet of $0.40 to $200.

There aren’t any huge payouts in single winning combinations, with the highest being 400x for six symbols, or $2,000, being offered. However, because there are so many lines, the maximum win limit of $250,000 set by WMS appears to be achievable.

This slot is also said to have a good Return to Player, and at 96.01%, it shouldn’t be any worse than other slots in the long run.

2. Game Features

Although the layout is unique, the features aren’t that distinct in other slots. It includes wilds, scatters, and free spins with inverted reels.

To begin, the Knight is the game’s main symbol, paying 400x and acting as the wild. It can be used to replace symbols that form combos, but not the Bonus.

Second, there will be a Mystery Symbols feature in the slot. It’s active on reels 2 through 6, and each round uses a number of adjacent symbols. 

Before the round begins, it replaces them with one of the slot’s wild or regular symbols. This will change the odds of the round because more wilds or high-paying symbols will be added to the reels, substituting some of the lower-paying symbols.

Bonus symbols, which are scattered across the last five columns, must appear a minimum of three times to award you with 5, 12, or 25 free spins. As soon as the free spins begin, the reels will flip, with more symbols on the first columns and fewer on the last. 

Furthermore, 3-4 random reels will change their positions into a single pay symbol, with the first reel being guaranteed to do so. If you get to this point in the game, your chances of forming winning combos on a large number of lines are very good.

3. Theme and Design

In Knight’s Keep, you’ll find a Medieval theme. Knights, kings, queens, or jesters, as well as scepters or crowns, will be symbols on the slot machine at Situs Judi Slot Gacor Gampang Maxwin.

There’s enough space inside to use the card suits as low-paying positions as well. It’s not a particularly attractive design, more on the average side, and the various-sized reels don’t help matters.

Our Conclusion

To sum up everything in Knights Keep slot review, the game may not be visually appealing, but its free spins, highest payouts, and RTP will give you plenty of reasons to give it a try.

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