Wizdom Wonders Slot Demo – Free Spins, Bonuses, and Games

Wizdom Wonders Slot Demo is an enchanting slot from the developers of PG Soft. With three reels and two rows, this game has an innovative drum structure as the symbols are lined up across book pages. Wizdom Wonders features a fascinating magical theme, multipliers, and an entertaining bonus feature. This is a medium volatility slot, and the payback rate of Wizdom Wonders is 94.47%.


Wizdom Wonders Slot Demo has an innovative setup. Instead of the standard drums, the game features two rows of books with open pages. On each “turn”, the pages of the book flip to reveal two pages, each showing half of a symbol. Players can get a win by finding matching symbols on book pages. 

The multiplier above the reels multiplies wins, and this creative setup enables several winners. When all the victorious books are paid, the victorious books close, revealing a spell: fire, lightning or water. 

Water spells remove books along the horizontal axis, Lightning spells remove books at random, and Fire spells remove books along the vertical axis. Once these books are removed, other books are added in their place, allowing extra wins to be found.

The game has 11 symbols that are all in keeping with the magical theme, so we can see a frog, spider, mushroom, potion bottle, flask and a selection of intriguing symbols.

Wizdom Wonders is available to play for free here in slot demo mode. It is always recommended to try demo slots because it allows you to get a feel for the game and a good understanding of how it works before risking any real money at an online casino.

Theme, Graphics and Soundtrack

Wizdom Wonders Slot Demo
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The game Wizdom Wonder features an appealing magical concept that is present at all times. The game focuses on a wizard who appears at the back of the screen next to a bubbling cauldron. The warlock, within his tower, has spent his life trying to master Alchemy using the many mystical spells recorded in his spellbooks.

Following a strong wind blowing through the tower, the sorcerer’s six spellbooks were scattered – what a disaster! Players must help the Sorcerer complete the Alchemy spell by matching symbols in the six books. When a symbol is matched, helping the wizard, players win. Wizdom Wonder’s aesthetics are stunning, the gameplay is lively, and there are some amazing animations in this slot..

All graphics and animations fit perfectly with the magical theme, which makes the game inviting and immersive. The high-quality soundtrack also adds to the game, with enchanting eerie music and magical sound effects.

Rate of Return and Volatility

Wizdom Wonders has a 94.47% return rate. This is a medium volatility online slot, so players should be rewarded with a reasonably frequent range of rewards, keeping the game fun. With a high RTP live and potential for big payouts, this game is worth checking out.

Wizdom Wonders Slot Demo – How to Play

Suitable for beginners and experienced players alike, gameplay is intuitive with Wizdom Wonders Slot Demo, but here are some steps to get started with the slot:

1. From the opening screen of the game, click on the icon that shows three lines in the lower right corner.

2. The control menu appears, and from here you can check the game’s rules, paytable, and history as well as turn the sound on or off.

3. If players hit the Spin Options button at the bottom of the screen, this opens a menu where players can select their spin speed and turn on auto-spin if they wish. The amount of automatic laps can be customized, and if required, laps can be stopped for a variety of reasons.

4. By clicking bet options at the bottom of the screen, players are able to set bet size and bet level to adjust their bet amount, and if necessary, players can select maximum bet.

5. Once all the preferences are set, players can get the sparkling books by pressing the spinning crystal ball, which is the start button.

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Best Bets and Win Chart

Wizdom Wonders has a minimum bet of 0.3 and a maximum stake of 360. Only one complete symbol pays since winnings are obtained by merging two halves of a symbol in a book. The paytable is as follows:

Toad – 30x

spider – 15x

Mushroom – 12x

Potion Flask – 6x

Bottle – 6x

Eye Symbol – 3x

Purple Symbol – 3x

Dark Blue Symbol – 2x

Light Blue Symbol – 2x

Hourglass Symbol – 2x

3x bonus

Bubble Pick Bonus Feature

Finding three or more of the bonus symbols in Wizdom Wonders will start an exciting bonus round. Players are presented with a bubbling cauldron and are awarded eight bubble choices. Players must choose eight of the floating bubbles to click to reveal prizes, additional choices, or nothing if you’re unlucky. Prizes range from 2x to 30x the current stake, and players can win two or three more picks. This is a great, interactive feature that really keeps the game fun.

General Analysis

Playing the creative and captivating slot game Wizdom Wonders from PG Soft is a pleasure. The game looks fantastic, with vibrant high-quality graphics that enhance the magical theme. Fans of this theme will certainly not be disappointed, so all players who like games like Wizard of Gems definitely need to give this slot a try.

There are a couple of things that really make this game stand out, and the first is the drum structure. Instead of classic drums, the book pages in Wizdom Wonders make a big change and ensure the game always stays lively. Second, the highly interactive extra feature where you can pop the bubbles in the cauldron is really fun.

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